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Tire change

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When you get a flat, you can turn to us to get you rolling again

As the connection between your vehicle and the road you travel, your tires can get pretty beat up. If you run over a nail and need it plugged, come in to see us. If the tear can't be patched, we can help you with a replacement at a reasonable price.

Every facet of tire care catered to for you

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All used tires are only $20

When you get a flat tire, come directly to us. You'll get a replacement quickly and affordably.

We also service your wheels. If you were on your donut or spare for longer than you should have, we understand. Life can't stop because your tire was punctured. But you may need to have the wheels serviced now. Let us take care of that for you and make sure your new or used tires have a secure connection to your car again.


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